Fruit Duo

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Fruit Duo

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$ 55.00 USD

Our newest product is the Fruit Duo! It's a monthly subscription with 16 servings of fresh fruits and consciously sourced snacks! It’s a fun, easy, and healthy way to snack at home. No need to research healthy snacks anymore, we’ve got you covered. It’s the pearfect snacks to cherry up your week! 

The box includes the best fruit picked from local farms and some of the best organic and/or non-GMO snacks not easily found at grocery stores. 

In each box you will find two different fruit pairings with helpful tips on how to pair them and eat them too. Each month will have a different combination of fruit pairings so you can try a plethora of different mixes.

  • This box introduces you to new products every month, making sure things never get stale on your health journey
  • You get discounts on the products included in your box when you are subscribed
  • You have the ability to cancel the service at any time if it doesn’t meet your standards

It’s healthy delivered right to your doorstep.

Our fruit duo boxes include products from our trusted partners

Serving in each box: 8 servings

Price: $55

Delivery: $10


Healthcare costs reduced by $30 per member per month. Or Savings as we like to call it.


An employee swapping a bag of chips for an apple translates to consuming 1,400 less calories on average per month. #Goals


Say hello to no more sick days! Amount of sick days reduced by 80%

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Fruit Duo

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