Serving Offices in DC. Maryland, Virginia
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Serving Offices in DC, Maryland, Virginia
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Blue Box

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Blue Box

Price Starts At:
$ 80.00 USD

Perfect for a mid-size/large office, enjoy a mix of bananas, apples, citruses and 4-5 more fruits in season all delivered in a nice wooden crate to entice healthy habits in the office!

  • Serves 20-50 team members
  • Great for medium sized businesses
  • Pre-selected fruit variety

When ordering 1 basket you are ordering 4 baskets delivered once per week depending on the frequency the price will change accordingly.


Healthcare costs reduced by $30 per member per month. Or Savings as we like to call it.


An employee swapping a bag of chips for an apple translates to consuming 1,400 less calories on average per month. #Goals


Say hello to no more sick days! Amount of sick days reduced by 80%

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