Spread The Love

Drizzleable and ultra-creamy NAKED Organic Peanut Butter

Spread The Love is passionate about spreading love through wholesome mindfully crafted wholesome food.

Zach and Val Fishbain, founders of Spread The Love, exchanged vows and celebrated with loved ones. They gave away jars of homemade peanut butter to wedding guests as a token of their love and gratitude. While they couldn't have known it then, this was the start of Spread The Love®. Now, our spreads continue to be made with love and premium whole ingredients without the junk.

They give back to the community by having created a #SpreadTheLoveForward initiative to provide financial and volunteer support to local organizations in Los Angeles, CA that already help lift up our community. Most recently, they offered a college scholarship to 3 outstanding young women to give back to Zach's hometown in Racine, WI.

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Coblentz Chocolate Company

Buttery caramel, crunchy toffees, smooth peanut butter candies and a multitude of decadent dark chocolate treats

Coblentz Chocolate Company is passionate about multiplying goodness to their employees, community and customers through gourmet treats that create memorable moments.

They give back to the community by sourcing many fresh and local ingredients, providing employment for dozens of families, and by giving back to numerous local and regional organizations.

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True North Granola

Healthiest granola available using Non-GMO and Organic ingredients.

True North Granola is passionate about the value of a quality education for all children and strongly believe that healthy foods contribute to students’ learning. Both children and adults love our granola and we have made it our stated mission to support public education in Vermont.
True North Granola is a family-owned premier granola company started by two lifelong educators, Ingrid and Franklin Chrisco, in 2007. Their products address a range of dietary needs and address most major allergens. They produce both traditional and organic products, and one of their product lines is totally Paleo. 

They give back to the community by contributing time, money and products to the community on a regular basis and are very happy to do so.  Ingrid is a regular speaker at community educational events which focus on entrepreneurship. Both Ingrid and Franklin are long-time educators in their community, each exceeding 40 years in education as teachers and principals. They are well known for their educational work, and now, for their granola company. 

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Hummingbird Wholesale

Wholesome, organic food with high quality, nutrient-dense ingredients, grown as locally and sustainably as possible to nourish the body, mind, and soul

Hummingbird Wholesale is passionate about transforming the world toward a sustainable food production system that supports the health of the people who depend on it, as well as the earth’s precious ecosystems. 
At Hummingbird, they believe food should be clean and healthy, and that farming can be an act of environmental and social stewardship—improving the soil and enriching rural communities. They are committed to being a positive force for change in the organic food industry. At Hummingbird Wholesale, every relationship matters
Hummingbird Wholesale takes great care and pride in creating long-term, beneficial relationships with their farmers, customers, coworkers, processors, suppliers, retailers, and communities. Hummingbird Wholesale serves people and, like the Hummingbird, seeks to sip the nectar of the Earth without harming the flower.  

They give back to the community by having started the #OrganicOregon #OrganicWorld campaign, where at least 1% of their annual profits go toward organic research, educational programs for farmers and trade partners, and organizations focused on creating healthy, organic food systems and communities. They work closely with farmers, businesses, and nonprofit organizations to promote sustainable agriculture, build regional food system solutions, and strengthen the organic community.

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