Day 10: Wrecking Your System

For the last two weeks, we have not posted a single piece of media content.  We came across a podcast that stopped us dead in our tracks. 

Podcast: The Sales Evangelist

Author: Donald Kelly

Episode: TSE 654: The First Few Seconds Suck


We started Fruit Movement to help companies create better workplaces by taking the easiest / most effective steps. Part of the process of starting a new business includes learning new skills. Learning to sell our vision has been a challenge for two nerds with backgrounds in finance, accounting, and technology. 

We came across Donald Kelly through our podcast challenge. Listening to this episode lead us to stop dead in our tracks and revisit how we reach clients. We're going to share a few lessons over the past two weeks:


1) Sales is a Process: Our biggest misconception, we assumed that an Idea + Operations + Personality = Sales. As if there was a magic sales fairy that sprinkled sales from the heavens.  Creating a process helps kills the mystery behind sales. Converting the prior to formula to something like this: Strategy + Skill + Hard Work = Sales. 

We created a way to identify ideal clients and how to contact them. The goal was to maximize outreach without compromising the approach to avoid spamming potential clients. Every one of our clients are different and our process needed to be able to handle the nuances of each office. 

2) Practice, Practice, Practice: People's attention is limited. If you can't capture them quickly, you lose them. Getting good at capturing people's attention and communicating your idea is key. 

Our first game, Abdul and I sent videos to each other every day. This gave us a record of being able to analyze delivery, timing, and impact of our presentations. The game evolved to a scenario based game as we became better at delivery. We painted odd situations for the other to try and sell from (for ex. what if you meet the CEO of Company ABC in a coffee shop and he asks you: "What is Fruit Movement?"). The current iteration of our game is to simply meet new people every day and learn how to get comfortable talking to strangers. 

The more we practiced, the better we got. We started from different places. My personal challenge came from overcoming a fear of speaking with someone. Getting out of my own head and just being comfortable. The first few times my stomach turned with the fear of rejection, now my pitch rolls off my tongue. 

3) Consume Knowledge: The biggest problem with lacking knowledge is you don't know, what you don't know. This curse of ignorance leaves you blind to what you should be doing. We stumbled upon our ignorance by trying to expand our knowledge. We consumed sales content over the last two weeks, learning everything we could get our hands on. The consumption continues with training seminars, webinars, more podcasts, books, etc. Once we were able to identify our weaknesses, we set out to correct them. 

Stupid is a temporary state. Everyone has lacked knowledge at one point in time. Being able to take actions toward correcting that state of stupid is what has allowed us to improve. This is where true learning comes from. True learning is not in a classroom, but in the gaps between stupid and smart. 


We are now revving back on blogs & IG, with more steam. 













Indy Bal