Day 8: G is for Genius

G is for Genius

Podcast: Kwik Brain: Memory Improvement

Author: Jim Kwik

Episode 32: 4 Keys to Genius

Before we start, genius is not someone with a photographic memory. It's anyone who is exceptional in a skill. 

4 G's of Genius: Growth Mindset, Giving Back, Gratitude, Grit

1) Growth Mindset

Every exceptional person is focused on growth. Kaizen, continuous growth. It's a fine balance between appreciating where you are, but fixed on the horizon. 

2) Giving

If you think about the economy as a tribe. Everyone has a role to play. They contribute to each other in a way that produces value. That value is exchanged for resources. By giving, you inherently produce value without capitalizing (yet). You can believe it's karma or the power of positivity, but giving helps even if you don't realize it. 

3) Gratitude

Geniuses appreciate the things around them. The podcaster challenges the audience to wake up each morning and think about the list of things they are grateful for, things money cannot buy: health, capability, family, friends, etc. 

Hence why travel is important, especially to other countries. You witness real poverty in developing nations. When I was 8, I saw a man begging in India with one arm and no legs. Seeing his condition has stuck with me and making me grateful of my position. 

4) Grit

Going beyond the pain period. Every tale involving a hero, requires the champion to overcome an obstacle. An obstacle so powerful, that it takes every ounce of strength for the champion to overcome. The champion struggles and struggles, by going through that pain period, he/she emerges victorious. True grit is what makes a genius push on when others turn away.