Day 6: Best Time to Do Your Best

The best time to do your best, is Today. 

Podcast: Increase Your Impact

Author: Justin Su'a

Episode 466: Today's Opportunities

If you are the type to spend more time planning to take action instead of taking action, it's time to stop planning and start today. Su'a's podcast hits the point home of not waiting for tomorrow's opportunities. Instead, he emphasizes creating the most of today's opportunity because tomorrow it will compound to create greater opportunity. 

What is the Value of Today?

Below is a visual example of saving / investing money. If you started invested today, instead of next month and put aside $100 each month, then by the end of the year, you will have 9.5% more money invested. It doesn't stop there. By investing a month earlier, you gain experience faster. You will make mistakes earlier too. These mistakes will be minor road bumps, just keep cruising.  

The Value of Today shown through an example of investing. 

The Value of Today shown through an example of investing. 

Justin Su'a is one of my favorite podcasters, delivering quick punchy clips each and every day. Today's podcast was less than 5 minutes long, but gives you nuggets to chew on for the rest of today.