Hidden Gems

Wegmans on Monument Drive in Fairfax has an upstairs seating area overlooking the produce section. I noticed customer after customer restock on their normal fruits: apples, oranges, bananas, etc. Exploring local markets has always been a hobby of mine and I wanted to introduce 3 fruits you may not have tried yet.


Lychee (my favorite)

Origin & How I found it: China / India. My grandmother used to give me a bag of lychees when I visited her. They are less sweet than other tropical fruits usually in the form of light and refreshing drinks.

How to Eat it: Peel the skin, but watch out for the inner core.

Best Served: Served raw and can add another layer of flavor to your salads

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Origin & How I found it: Southeast Asia. I heard it in conversation and had to try it. 

How to Eat it: See the interesting video from this youtuber about how to eat dragonfruit.


Best Served: Pair with kiwi and grill kabob style. 

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Durian (King of Fruits)

Origin & How I found it: Southeast Asia. I came across it on an Anthony Bourdain episode where he explored markets along Buford Highway in Atlanta, GA. Beware of the smell.

How to Eat it: 


Best Served: If you ever needed an another excuse to eat ice cream, then try durian ice cream. Super popular in Asia.

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Indy Bal