Day 3: Dynamic Duos

Day 3: A Partner in Crime

Podcast: Bodega Boys

Author: Desus Nice and The Kid Mero

Episode 76: Trust the Process

Batman and Robin, Holmes and Watson, Ben and Jerry, and now Desus and Mero.

If you haven't heard of Desus and Mero yet, check out an episode of their show on Viceland, where they proceed to breakdown anything from latest political changes to the best sneakers.

Desus and Mero remind me of Ray and Tom Magliozzi aka Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers aka Hosts of Car Talk, the best show on NPR. Desus and Mero are just as nutty as the Car Talk Brothers, but if the Car Talk Brothers were born in the Bronx and were famous for Twitter instead of fixing cars. 

They have no clear direction with their podcast or show, other than look at the world around them burning while they make jokes. Desus, the working Jamaican has had every job imaginable, brings a tech nerd + sports fanatic vibe. The Kid Mero, has 4 kids and lives in the Jersey suburbs, brings his celebrity impressions + eccentric laughs to the show. 

Listening to their skits and commentary reminds me how their success is interdependent, not independent. A look at the greatest duos in history, each has played significant roles. Jobs and Wozniak the classic example of a front man and support relationship. Wozniak was the traditional tech nerd, whereas Jobs was the strategist / salesperson. 

In a time of striving to be the best at everything, sometimes playing to your strengths and teaming up with partners that compliment your skills can lead to combined success where one person may fail. As the saying goes: Jack of All Trades, Master of None. It seems much easier to be Master of Some and stick to it. In the example of Desus and Mero, Desus is the calmer one providing more thought-out commentary whereas Mero brings a big loud personality. Either one of them individually would perform well, but together they make a show and podcast unlike any other on late night television. 

Indy Bal