Day 1 - Chaos

Today marks the 1st day of a new challenge for the Fruit Movement Team. 

About the Challenge

Learning does not start nor stop in the classroom. With the plethora of ways to digest information, we explore podcasts. 

Ground rules:

1) Length of Challenge: 21 days

2) Podcast Length: Something that you could digest on an average morning commute

3) Podcast Variety: A new podcast, preferably a new author, each day

Pretty simple. We'll listen to 21 different podcasts and summarize what we learn each day. The first line of each post will be the lesson learned.


Chaos brings change, embrace the chaos. 

Podcast: Hidden Brain

Author: Shankar Vedantam

Episode: You 2.0: Embrace the Chaos

Thoughts: If you set out to plan your progress, you will ultimately hold yourself back. When we think about a new goal, we tend to build order into how to reach the goal. Want to do 100 pullups? Okay, start with 1 and add a rep each day. Without assessing the validity of this plan, is this the fastest way to reach your goal of doing 100 pullups?

Athletes embrace the idea of performance to failure. So instead of adding 1 per day, what if you did as many as you could for 3-5 sets? Could you knock off a few days from the 100 days? What if you continued to confuse your muscles, working the muscles in different ways, could that shave a few more days off? Progress is not a line graph where you use [y = mx + b]  to solve the linear equation. There are days of rapid progress and days of no observable progress. Those days of no observable progress give rise to rapid change. 

This podcast shed light onto how order can help us learn the rules behind a skill or ability, but to achieve a higher understanding, chaos is required. Introducing a bit of chaos into your life could do wonders. For the next 21 days, we'll be introducing chaos into our schedules with a new podcast each and every day.