History of Wearables: How Wearables Can Help Your Office

Wearables have come a long way from the calculator watch. Today we look at the history of wearables.

Growing up I saw my father wear a watch nearly every day. Wearing a watch was interwoven with being an adult. I've gone through periods of wearing a watch religiously to periods where I throw off the shackles and ride into the sunset with a naked wrist.

See the video below from the Telegraph about how wearables have evolved over time:

Fitness wearables brought wrist jewelry back into the mainstream, offering more functionality than telling time. I've used the Motorola 360 for a few years only to retire it to my bookshelf. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to track workouts and keep my phone at my desk or in my pocket for a majority of the day. 

PC Mag offers a great article (see below), outlining the current market offerings of wearables. Having talked to friends and family who have used the fitbit, Apple watch, step counters, and other fitness wearables, my advice is if you're looking for a way to keep track of your workouts - great get a fitness tracker, but make sure you try to build a community around it. 

You do not want to be the oddly competitive person, updating the office on how many calories you burned doing lunges up the stairs. You do want to be the person who gets more people involved in working out and if fitness trackers build a better community in your office then it's worth the cost. Just be mindful of a few ground rules:

1) Any progress counts- Change needs to come from within and while we may encourage others, do not try to push people to change.   

2) Regular updates - Checking in with colleagues is a great way to ensure consistency. If Bryan from accounting logged 5,000 steps in the morning then it may remind you to go for a walk before lunch.

3) Beware of Pings - Try to minimize the distraction of your fitness wearable while you're working. The main reason why I no longer wear a smartwatch is because I found myself distracted from my wrist lighting up from every message I received.

If you have any successful implementation stories on how fitness trackers helped your office, please send us an email at (info@fruitmovement.com).

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