I Hope You Find Your Way Chester

"That's the easy way out" was my response to the death of Kurt Cobain, Nirvana's deceased front-man and I said something less harsh but similar about the passing of Heath Ledger. This sentence came out of ignorance of the true cost of mental health. To me, being unhealthy had only to do with the physical aspect, mental disorders were attributable to some sort of overdose - alcohol, drugs e.t.c- 

Getting the pop-up notification of Chester Bennington's death on my laptop was very jarring. It didn't feel real, I remember saying "Wait, what?" a couple of times to my friend. Unfortunately, as with all things, we do not make an effort to understand things we have already made a judgement on until a situation like this turns up and hits too close to home.

Chester was Linkin Park's jewel, a genius in his own right but he fell as with others to a debilitating mental illness that still doesn't get the recognition it deserves. Mental health is as important to your well being as your physical health. Having the perfect balance is essential.

Rest In Peace Chester and thank you so much for the memories. I hope I understand you better in death than I did when you were alive.