Monday Moves: Eat your Cake and Have it

At Fruit Movement, we would like you to join us in our weekly challenge of setting healthy goals for the week and we aren't beyond using false headers to lure you into joining us!! Our challenge for this week is bringing a healthy lunch from home for a week, not only will this save you money but it'll also help you control your size portions and eat healthier and take much less out of your busy work schedule! 

Now for me, I'm lazy, this is a fact, you couldn't find me around a kitchen unless it was a frozen lunch from Trader Joe's but I found the perfect compromise that requires much less effort but results in that great looking lunch you will enjoy eating. BuzzFeed's Carolyn Kylstra (@carolynkylstra) has fun recipes you can make in less than 30 minutes that are fun to cook and eat (link below).

I plan to start off with the grilled chicken veggie bowls and cheesy enchiladas! 

I hope you join us in this challenge and send some suggestions of your preferred quick lunch meals!