Sunday Reflections: Strong Will Continue

Here at Fruit Movement, we don't believe in Motivational Mondays! We believe that your drive to take on all challenges come Monday morning should have left the garage on Sunday. Use any tool to get you mentally refreshed and revved up to go, be it music, a book; a motivational video or your favorite sports team (ok, maybe rely a little less on the latter, my Giants have caused me more anger than happiness in recent years). For me, music does the trick, I mean, check out this excerpt:

When the Armageddon's dark and dread
A lot of weak-hearted weep and moan
Only the strong will continue
Do you have it in you?
Come, we've got a journey to go
And when the battle get sour and dread
A lot of weak-hearted wither and moan
Only the strong will continue

First lines from Strong Will Continue by Damien Marley and Nas in their epic collaboration album Distant Relatives. This song in particular is very motivational for me as it matched my personality and the way I approached tough times and setbacks. I have always felt that Armageddon sized issues will always come for me at inopportune moments - be it my hard-work burning in front of me, losing a business opportunity due to a personal failing or the Giants messing up another playoff run because they partied on a boat (I'm obviously still getting over last season) - and I accept these facts, but I also accept that when they hit, be it on a Monday morning or on a Saturday afternoon, I will let it run its course and be ready to prove to myself that I'm Strong and that I will Continue because I have it in me.