Sunday Reflections: How Strong is Your Punch?

In preparation for a new work week starting tomorrow, I ask... How strong is your punch? Let me preface this question with a quick story.

One of my favorite tales of all time is the back-story of the Mike Tyson / Buster Douglas fight. Avid boxing fans know what happened... for those who don't, well, Mike Tyson was and still is a Boxing Legend, in 1990 when the fight took place, he was the overwhelming favorite to win the fight, this was supposed to be his "warm up" before fighting Evander Holyfield (he was the number one challenger at the time). Tyson was undefeated at the time, he was an absolute animal in the ring, and rated (still) as the number one pound-for-pound boxer in the world.

Buster Douglas on the other hand, was the 7th ranked heavyweight fighter by Ring Magazine. He lost his last belt challenge to another fighter by Total Knockout (TKO) and had no business being in the same ring or universe as Tyson. Cut to the end, Buster defeated Tyson in what still is one of the biggest upsets in sporting history. 

How did Buster win? Through preparation and hard work? Yes, but nothing prepares you for the tornado that is Tyson (though it does help to do your homework). When asked by the media how he won, Buster responded by saying "Because of my mother... God bless her heart". His mother had died a few days before the fight but she told him that he could win! His punches delivered his motivation! He didn't care that he faced the Baddest Man on the Planet who was invincible and who's defense was indomitable! Yes, he got knocked down in the 10th round but he acknowledged his opponent's strengths AND weaknesses and executed HIS game plan to the T. He knocked Tyson down twice and held on to win.

So I ask again, how strong is your punch? When you take on that seemingly insurmountable task this week, will your punch be strong and will it deliver and carry YOUR desire all the way through no matter how much it fights back and knocks you down?