Sunday Reflections: Battle of Will

Forget Motivational Monday. If you're getting motivated on Monday, you're late to the game.

Sunday is a day of reflection. A time to look back at the week you've had and either continue doing what worked or adjusting what didn't work. 

Today I saw a post from David Goggins, he is going to climb the distance of Mt. Everest on a Jacob's Ladder in 1 day. This man is a machine. 

I came across his content a few months ago and it helped adjust my frame of mind. Something he said struck a chord with me. He said that when you think you're done and can't go any further, you're actually only just starting. We have a lot more potential than we give ourselves credit for. The point when things transition from comfortable to uncomfortable is when the battle of willpower begins. 

Results are created in those battles of will. In the gym, your last set is when your muscle fibers are torn down, only to be rebuilt stronger. When running that extra mile, it pushes your boundaries farther. The extra hour in the office is when you're going to grow as a person. 

So this week, I am going to push a bit harder in my work, in my workouts, in my studies. 


Continued Reading:

There are a lot of great youtube videos of Goggins and his IG is pretty amazing: @davidgoggins