What perfectly rhymes with an Orange you ask? Sporange... a rare alternative form of sporangium... that's about it...

This tough-to-rhyme-with but delicious fruit is assumed to have been discovered in Southern China and northeastern India and spread through the world by European traders in the 1500s. The earliest use of the name orange was from the 1300s, adapted from the Old French word orenge, which was in turn adapted from the Arabic word nāranj (which was in turn adapted from the Persian word nārang, which was in turn -last one I promise- adapted from Sanskrit nāranga). The first recorded Orange tree planted was in the mid-1500s by Ponce de Leon, the popular Spanish explorer near St. Augustine, Florida (fyi!)

There are wide varieties of oranges, popular amongst them are sweet, navel and blood oranges . Currently, Brazil is the world's leading orange producer with the US in fourth (California, Texas and Florida account for most of its production). A great source of Vitamin C folic acid and dietary fiber; Oranges allay fever, catarrh and can relieve stomach and intestinal complaints. You could take oranges to the next level (if youre into that) by roasting the pulp and preparing it as a poultice for skin diseases!