Happy Opt Outside!

Get paid to play outside, would have been my childhood dream.

For the last few years, REI has closed their stores and paid their employees to play outside. If you're wondering what you can do when it's cold, here's 5 winter favorites from last season:

1) Snowboarding / Skiing

This is our winter sport favorite. Stay tuned to our FB page for days our team will head to the snowy mountains. 

hands in the snow.jpg

2) Skeet & Trap 

Bull Run has some great shooting galleries where you can test your accuracy against some clay pigeons. 

3856886860860725833-account_id=1 (2).jpg

3) Hiking

Dress warm and after a few minutes you won't even feel the cold. VA is known for so many beautiful hiking trails. 


4) Explore a New Town

Leave the hiking shoes at home and grab some sneakers to explore a new town. You'll be surprised what gems you will uncover. We found this amazing mural in Boston, just wandering around the city. [Asian Grandfathers Optional]


5) Build a Fire

Being outside doesn't always mean working out. Enjoy the fresh air and company by building a campfire. [S'mores Optional] 




Indy Bal