10 Things to be Thankful for

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

As you spend today around friends and family, it's always a great mental health exercise to remind yourself why you're lucky. Listing what you're thankful for is a great tactic to overcome any events where life throws a sucker punch right in your gut.

Some of the things we've been grateful for at Fruit Movement is:

1) Supportive Friends & Family - Without the support network we've built, Fruit Movement would never have been created. Special shout-out to our supportive families.


2) Team - Being able to work with one of your close friends is a gift and privilege. We're thankful to have each other sticking it out. 


3) Partners & Clients - We've had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful people, both strategic partners and clients. We're excited that each one is committed toward building better corporate environments for those around them. 

Fall Networking Event-106.jpg

4) Sunny Days - There will be dark frigid days ahead of us, but today the sun is shining. 


5) Connectedness - Our adventure has put us in unique conversations with some real oddball characters. The lesson learned is that we're all just human beings with more things in common than different. 


6) Health - Seldom do we appreciate health until it's gone. Every day you can breathe is a chance to forge ahead.

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7) Age of the Internet - More information is at our fingertips than ever before. It's amazing how you can find nearly anything within 30 minutes of Googling. 


8) Control / Freedom - Having control over your destiny is a great feeling. Your situation 100% is determined by your actions. Once you realize this, goals become a lot easier to achieve. 


9) Hot Water - Ever tried taking a shower w/o hot water. Not fun. 

10) Discipline - Trying to use motivation to fuel your drive is like trying to build a fire with lighter fluid. It will intensely ignite your passion, but only for the moment. Discipline is the slow burniing log that will keep the fire burning all night.

Indy Bal