Promoting Wellness In The Workplace.

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Your one stop box for fun and healthy snacking! We deliver right to your doorstep a carefully curated pairing of delicious local fruits and organic/non-GMO snacks from small businesses! Subscribe and enjoy the goodness!

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Healthy Snacks

Being healthy is a journey. We support your path swapping out the unhealthy snacks for more sustainable foods. Our options keep you energized at home and in the workplace. Start the movement by making one positive change!

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Learn More About Fruit Duo

Fruit Duo box is a fun, easy, and healthy way to snack at home. No need to research healthy snacks anymore, we’ve got you covered. It’s the pearfect snacks to cherry up your week!

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How Fruit Movement Works


Increase sustained energy by snacking on foods that balance protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Healthy snacking will keep you energized for hours at a time.


Swapping a bag of chips for an apple translates to consuming 1,400 less calories.

IMproved cognition

Foods rich in antioxidants, proteins, and B vitamins provide excellent support for concentration, memory, and cognition.

Once you start snacking healthy, you’ll soon notice more energy, better mood and increased cognitive functions.



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Fruit Movement Box

red fruit Box

$35 / Basket

Serves 5-10 Team Members
Great for small businesses
Pre-selected fruit variety


Yellow fruit Box

Custom Order

Serves 50+ Team Members
Great for large businesses
Build your own basket


Blue fruit Box

$80 / Basket

Serves 20-50 Team Members
Great for medium sized businesses
Pre-selected fruit variety


Getting Started

We are here to encourage your healthy habits and offer easy and convenient ways to get the nutrients you need. We have solutions for any environment whether it’s home or office. Where do you want to start?



With this gift basket you can easily say 'thank you' to all those people who have worked hard along your side! Gift it to your employees, co-workers, or even your clients. Give the gift of nutrition with a basket full of fruit!Basket includes a variety of different fruits that serves 3-5 people.

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We are now delivering to your home! We understand your home office has become your new office and we want to make sure you feel good and work well while you are working from home. The benefits of a daily fruit intake are vast. Eating healthy not only provides all the right vitamins your body needs but it makes you feel good and gives you more energy to be more productive in your workday.

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Still Not Sure?

If you are still not convinced this will change your team’s energy and help them be more productive. No worries! We can send you a FREE sample. We are sure you and your team will love the benefits!

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"We used Fruit Movement for a monthly Wellness Program and were very pleased with the fruit and the service. The team could not have been nicer and more accommodating. And the local apples were always a hit with everyone in the office! Will definitely use them again in the future when we need fruit."

Trish S.

I've used Fruit Movement for client gifts.  The owners are friendly and helpful and the baskets are always well received.  You can taste the freshness.

Kevin W.

"I'm so happy that my office started ordering fruit for us. It's helping me lose weight because I'm a big eater and tend to eat everything in my path! :P
Before, my company used to only have donuts and brownies in the pantry which I crushed and would quickly feel guilty, but now whenever I need an afternoon pick me up I get to have fresh fruit."

Vanessa O.


From farm to your office, how it works!

Our fruit comes from the farm to your office, or even better, to your bellies! We deliver fruit baskets right to your office for you to enjoy. Each basket has 5-6 types of fruits, which includes 3 staples (bananas, citrus, and apples) and 2-3 seasonal fruits. The best part is that you get to choose how often you want it delivered.